At Chequered Flag we can provide a range of services for your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s classic car. If you are interested in a service we could provide for you please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

Historic Race Preparation: Here at Chequered flag we can help in all areas of preparing your historic race car for events. Whether it be a complete new build or a once over before your next meeting we are happy to help. As with all vehicles which arrive in our workshop we give them a once over inspection reporting any issues that may arise to us. We then report back to the owner as to what direction they want us to go with the vehicle next. We are happy to carry out just the basics however we can go into a development programme with your vehicle to make it a more competitive car. Whether it is suspension upgrades, suspension set-ups, brake upgrades, vehicle weight reduction, engine upgrades, rolling road set-ups, transmission changes, body modifications, tyre changes, electrical reworks we can provide our expert views and advice to make sure you see the chequered flag first.

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Historic Race Support: As well as the preparation we can support at the circuit whether it’s testing or race events, we can transport the vehicle and supply support all throughout the event. We already look after cars in HSCC, CSCC, HRDC and most major historic series.

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Historic Rally Preparation and Support: As per our race preparation and support we can provide the same service for your Rally Car.

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Fabrication: From custom roll cages to complete panel fabrication. In house at Chequered Flag we have the machinery and tools to fabricate to your needs. We can provide bolt in and weld in roll cages for whatever vehicle to the customer needs. Shell repairs, panel fabrication, MIG and TIG welding.

Classic Road Car Restoration and Servicing: If it’s a full restoration project, a service, a rolling road set up, a suspension set-up we shall cast our inspection light over your vehicle to make sure it is performing at its best while on the roads. A full report will be provided with options of the next stop in performance.

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Buying Advice and Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections: Purchasing classics can be difficult if not particularly mechanically minded and can lead to an investment becoming an expense. It is easy to be carried away with a beautiful looking car and not seeing what is behind the paint. It is important to know the history of the vehicle. We can carry out a vehicle inspection and using our years of knowledge can provide a status report of your next purchase to make sure you don’t make any mistakes and the correct purchase is made.